Mijakovići-Dragovići-Bobovac, Municipality Vareš

Bobovac, located near the village itself, is the cradle of the medieval Bosnian Banate and the Bosnian Kingdom, as well as the last home of Queen Katarina Kotromanić. What perhaps most enchanting in this area today is its inspirational natural heritage. Bobovac is situated atop a ridge surrounded by mountain forests and crystal-clear streams of water. The villages of Mijakovići-Dragovići are recognizable for their customs and preservation of tradition, as well as the rich history of medieval Bosnia. According to ancient records and reports, the medieval Bosnian royal city of Bobovac is first mentioned in written documents dating back to 1350. Records suggest that the Bosnian royal crown was kept at Bobovac, and it is believed that three Bosnian kings: Stjepan Ostoja, Tvrtko II Kotromanić, Queen Doroteja Gorjanska, and Stjepan Tomaš, are buried in the royal tomb chapel in the city of Bobovac.

How to reach the village:

The village is located 20 km away from Vareš, with approximately 14 km of asphalt road and around 5.7 km of gravel road from this route. Another route to reach the village by car is from the direction of Kaknja (a closer route from Sarajevo or from the A-1 highway, approximately 19 km away, and from the village to highway A-1 it is 17 km). This road has 15 km of asphalt (a regional road), and approximately 4 km of this road to the village is gravel.

Royal Town of Bobovac

The Royal Town of Bobovac, situated between the villages of Mijakovići – Dragovići, is recognized as one of the most significant medieval fortresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Constructed in the mid-14th century, under the guidance of Bosnian ban Stjepan II Kotromanić, Bobovac served as the residence for Bosnian kings, such as Tvrtko I and Tomaš, until 1461. During this time, Bobovac played a crucial role in the administration of the Bosnian kingdom. Bobovac included an elevated town including a distinctive square tower, the remnants of which still exist, as well as a lower town where the courtyard and well have been maintained.

 To obtain further information, please visit or get in touch with Visit Vareš at the following website: https://visitvares.com/bobovac/.

A pedestrian trail

a pedestrian trail through the village from the Royal Town of Bobovac through Mijakovske Poljica towards the mountain lodge “Javorje” on Perun and the section “Star Trek,” which passes through the settlements that are approximately 80 kilometers long in the area of the municipality of Vareš.

Medieval caves, so-called ladders as speleological objects
The medieval caves, referred to as ladders in the field of speleology, are located in the canyon of the river Bukovica, near the southern entrance of the Bobovac castle. These caves serve as observation posts to monitor the approach of unwelcome visitors from the southern side of the stronghold.
River Bukovica
: In close proximity to the village is a valley formed by the river Bukovica. By heading towards Kakanj, one may access the town of Bobovac, which is situated in the Kraljesvkog region, by following the river through the canyon. “Goodbye, my magnificent Bosnia, and within you, I bid farewell to three of my finest treasures – wheat from Liješnica, fish from Bukovica, and water from Radakovica, for this trio is unparalleled anywhere else in the world,” were the renowned words said by Queen Katarina as she departed from Bobovac for the final time.
Tradicionalne legende Bobovca
Legendary stories about Queen Catherine and princesses from fort Bobovac – The mythology of Queen Catherine encompasses several narratives and customs that are upheld by the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in central Bosnia. Queen Catherine is depicted as a magnanimous and philanthropic individual who has a profound impact on the collective recollection of central Bosnia. – The traditional game of disguising the ring beneath a sock, known as “dripping” or “hiding the ring,” was widely enjoyed by various cultures. Players would conceal the ring behind certain socks, headwear, or hats. One team will conceal the ring, while the other team must locate the ring within the first two attempts, then wear the ring and conceal it again. Explorers would have an opportunity to locate a ring among the final three socks. If the ring is kept within the rear sock, the opposing team will be defeated. While one group was searching for a ring throughout the game, the others entertained themselves with singing. This ancient game symbolizes a time-honored custom that has been practiced for generations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Key contact

Šaban Ibrišimović

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Accommodation facilities

Gastronomic offer

Contact for all catering facilities in the village Mijakovići-Dragovići-Bobovac:

Phone: +387 62 259 188


Agrohousehold “Ibrišimović”

Address: Mijakovici, Vareš 71330

Phone:  +387 62 259 188

Web: https://agro domacinstvo-ibrisimovic.business.site


Fishpond / Fish Restaurant “Mrestilište”

Address: Pogar – Mrestilište

Phone: +387 61 853 333

E-mail: merima_adanalic@hotmail.com


Naza Ajanović’s Household

Address: Dragovići bb

Phone: +387 61 762 875


Household of Hadija and Smaja Numanović

Address: Mijakovići bb, Vareš

Phone: +387 62 720 182



Summer vacation house on Bobovec

Agricultural and Rural Households

Recreational area Luke with Hunting Lodge

Traditional products

-Knitting large baskets (known traditionally as sepeta) - for hay and fruit

1. Salesperson Contact information

Homemade apple, pear and plum brandy
Contact person: Nedžad Adilović
Address: Dragovići bb
Phone: +387 61 717 479

- Preparation and sale of sweet and salty winter stores, sale of raw materials – fruit, honey, dishes from traditional Bosnian cuisine, drinks made in the traditional way from local raw materials (juices, brandies ...) - For more information contact the key contact of the village.


Hiking and Skiing Association Perun Vareš

Address: Put mira 30, Vareš
Contact phone: +387 61 142 499

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Key contact

Šaban Ibrišimović