Bratač, Municipality of Nevesinje

Bratač boasts a remarkable abundance of historical heritage on the Nevesinje plateau, including ancient Roman remains, a medieval bridge known as Ovčiji brod, and the river Zalomka sinkhole, which has been declared a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bridge, which was constructed during the Ottoman rule, is believed to have existed even during the Roman Empire, as evidenced by the Roman road that leads to it. This region boasts a plethora of Illyrian architectural remnants, alongside medieval tombstone necropolises. The Nevesinje Olympics, a century-and-a-half-old event, features horse races and traditional knight games annually in August at Bratački lug. Bratač continues to produce traditional products that are widely recognized, including cheese in a sack, kaymak, and potatoes from Nevesinje.
The Ovciji Brod Bridge

which was constructed in the early 18th century and has been designated as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is of notable significance.

The Roman road

The Roman road has a visible length of approximately 500 meters and was constructed during the first century AD, under the reign of Emperor Augustus, followed by Emperors Tiberius and Claudius.

Illyrian tombs

The Illyrian tombs, commonly referred to as mounds, consist of numerous larger and smaller structures dating back to the younger period of prehistory.

The fortifications

The fortifications consist of the remains of Illyrian buildings and ramparts/walls that are over 2200 years old, making them the oldest known settlements in this area.

Medieval Tombstones

There are over 200 medieval tombstones located in 12 different areas.


Drywalls refer to the hand-built stone fences that are a characteristic form of construction for the village. These structures are created by hand-stacking large quantities of large stones without any binding agent.

Stone-Built Cisterns And Spring Water Catchments

The area features stone-built cisterns and spring water catchments, with some of the catchments dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Notably, the Vrba catchment boasts a cistern and watering trough for livestock, constructed from tombstones.


Čečuga Mill Complex

The Čečuga mill complex features a dam/gap. Mills are structures constructed along rivers for the purpose of milling grains. The most sizable and aesthetically pleasing structure among them was the mill situated at Čečuga, which, along with the dam, represents a remarkable achievement in the field of rural architecture.

Morphological Features

The area exhibits a range of morphological features that are characteristic of karst topography, including karst fields, coves, pits, sinkholes, intermittent karst springs, oysters, the canyon-like shape of the Zalomka valley, scree slopes, scratches, microfolds, and other related features.

Bratački Gradac

Ćeremit location, remains of a larger Roman settlement. In the wider area around the Drenovik spring on both sides of the Zalomka river, there are the remains of this settlement.


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Slavica Samardžić
Slobodan Gušić
Radoš Buha

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Gastronomic offer

Local specialties traditionally known as cicvara, podrobac, skripavac, as well as dried meat, whipped butter, cabbage with pickled meat, nettle soup, home-made teas, elderflower and dogwood juice are the most important specialties, which are prepared in the village.


Traditional products

-Weaving, making braided ropes
-Burning of limestone and production of slaked lime
-Spinning wool, knitting
-Making cheese molds
-Tanning sheepskins for rugs
-Making homemade soap
-Making wooden tools for work, furniture, and household utensils

Sack cheese and other dairy products
Novica Samardžić, Srednji Bratač, +387 65 974 045

Potato from Nevesinje
Boris Marić, Donji Bratač, +387 65 583 552
Siniša Jaredić, Gornji Bratač, +387 65 547 828
Nikola Šešlija, Donji Bratač, +387 65 197 601


Hunting club Via ferrata Velež


Mountain association Nevesinje

Telefon: +387 65 374 317

Recommended tours/offers nearby

• The Church of the Holy Trinity in Drenovik is the oldest medieval church in Nevesinje

• Roman settlement and medieval necropolis Drenovik (on both sides of the river Zalomka are the remains of a Roman settlement, while the tombstones are near the church and cemetery in Drenovik)

• The largest tombstone necropolis in the Balkans – Kalufi in Krekovi (it is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and on the list of 30 medieval tombstone necropolises that were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016. The necropolis has 462 tombstone of various shapes),

• The historical area of the Necropolis of Tombstones Rajkov Kamen in the village of Mijatovci (it is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

• Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Zalom,

• Čelebić (Džaferović or Šurković) mosque in Donja Bijenja, municipality of Nevesinje, is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina


• In the municipality of Nevesinje (10 km):

o The site and remains of the architectural complex of the Dugalića mosque (mosque of Hadži Velijudin Bakrača or Velagina mosque) with the historic building of the clock tower, is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

o Church of the Holy Ascension of Christ in Nevesinje, is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

o The Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Nevesinje is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

o The place and the remains of the architectural complex – Emperor’s Mosque (Sultan Bayazid Velija Mosque) in Nevesinje, is on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

o The log cabin church on the site of the old town of Vjenčac, dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Georgi

o Čaršijska Mosque (Sinan-kadi Efendijina or Čučkova Mosque) in Nevesinje, is on the list

o National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Key contact

Slavica Samardžić
Slobodan Gušić
Radoš Buha