Umoljani, Municipality of Trnovo

The village of Umoljani, a climatic point of contact and conflict between two different influences (Mediterranean and Continental), a place where people have met and clashed for centuries, leaving behind something that has enriched the historical heritage, with natural potential, watermills on Sedrenik and the cattle-focused seasonal Katun settlement of Gradina, then Studeno polje with the meandering course of Studeno Potok, the waterfalls of Studeni stream whichThe ruins of previous towns are dispersed across the area, and there are several medieval tombstones high on the cliffs. The majority of the tombstones are made of local stone and take the shape of slabs, crates, and gables. A significant number of tombstones are decorated with realistic and symbolic features (twisted ribbon, double ribbon of zigzag lines, lines made in the form of relief protrusions and indentations, vine with trefoil, vine with spirals, stylized cross, Latin cross, shield, sword, circle and figural a representation of a dance formation, i.e. a posthumous cult dance, then a representation of a stylized tree with two pairs of symmetrically winding spirals and a rosette decoration.
Tombstones in Dolovi (47 tombstones); since 2016, it is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage

Mosque and harem with Umoljani cemetery - architectural complex, national monument

The cold creek (Studeni potok)

Rakitnica river canyon

Lake Balića near Umoljani

Greda Cave
Tombstones in Dugo polje
Badnje waterfall in Umoljani


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Aldijana Hadzić Elezović
Nedžad Elezović

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Local gastronomy:

Production of dairy and meat products (milk, cheese, cream, meat, farm eggs)
Medicinal herbs and products made from medicinal herbs
Production of honey and honey products

Restaurant Studeno Vrelo

Traditional products

– Knitting

– Handicrafts (knitting woolen socks, gloves and pullovers)

– Weaving

– Wooden souvenirs


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Vučko trail

-Marked bicycle trail
- Marked hiking trails

Visiting the Rakitnica Canyon and Studeni Potok, Umoljani Watermills

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– Roughly hewn stones, the remains of the dry wall of a prehistoric building, built in the Bronze or Iron Age on the Posiljak hill (above Umoljani), otherwise the hill where the locals fled from Aždaha, according to the legend of the village.
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Key contacts

Aldijana Hadzić Elezović
Nedžad Elezović