Blagaj, City of Mostar

An oasis of peace and natural harmony, located on three rivers, is a place known for its rich cultural and historical heritage and natural beauty. One of the main attractions in Blagaj is the Old Town, which was the birthplace of Bosnian Queen Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić. The old town of Blagaj is one of the largest fortresses in the region, with impressive stone walls and typical medieval towers. From the top of the Old Town, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the River Buna and the surrounding landscape. Additional towers were built on the Old Town with the arrival of the Ottoman Empire, and from this period dates the Sultan Suleiman Mosque more than 500 years old. The heterogeneity of the Blagaj population throughout history is reflected in the active activities of three religious communities presented in places of worship that visitors will surely notice upon arrival at this tourist resort. Another popular attraction in Blagaj is the source of the Buna River, which is the largest source of clean and drinkable river in Europe, located under rocks several hundred meters high. Blagaj is the habitat of about 170 species of birds, and the climate favors the cultivation of Mediterranean crops such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, figs, peaches, apricots, pomegranates / pomegranates and kiwi. There are many restaurants serving traditional Bosnian food in the village, with fish restaurants particularly prominent. Cold Buna is ideal for growing the world-famous Californian trout, which is a specialty here. Next to the road there are many shops that sell local products such as honey, jam, dried figs and fresh fruit. Blagaj is an ideal place for visitors looking for a quiet holiday in beautiful nature, but also for those who want to explore cultural and historical sights and enjoy the rich gastronomic offer.
Emperor's (Sultan Suleiman's) mosque



Orthodox church of St. Vasilija Ostroski
Catholic Church of St. Trinity

The historical city area of Blagaj



Karađozbegov hammam
Karađozbegov bridge
Kolakovića house
The old town of Blagaj (Stjepan-grad)

Tekke Blagaj

The source of the river Buna
Residential complex of the Velagić family (Velagićevina)

Archaeological area Green Cave - prehistoric cave settlement


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Accommodation facilities

Hotel ADA

Hotel “ADA” Wellness & Spa is a 4-star tourist resort located in an excellent location.

Hotel Blagaj

The Blagaj Hotel is located in the center of Blagaj, a tourist center near Mostar.

Villa Bunski biser

Villa Buna Pearl offers a restaurant, bar, shared lounge, and garden in Blagaj.

Villa Badžak-Jaffa Villa

Jaffa-Komerc has been in operation since 1989, providing top-quality products and services to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.
Pogledaj još

Kazan camping Blagaj

Riječni kamp Kazan je novootvoreni kamp, smješten na obali rijeke Bune u Blagaju. Kamp predstavlja

River camp Grotta

Auto Camp GROTTA Blagaj je smješten uz obalu rijeke Bune, 12 km jugoistočno od Mostara u starom hercegovačkom gradu Blagaju.

River camp Aganovac

Vila Bunski biser nudi restoran, bar, zajednički salon i vrt u Blagaju.


Auto kamp LAKS nalazi se 15 km južno od Mostara. Okružen je s obje strane rijeke Bune i odlično je mjesto za rekreaciju i odmor.

Autocapm Blagaj

Dobrodošli na stranice Autocampa “Blagaj” smještenog 12 km jugoistočno od Mostara, u starom hercegovačkom gradu Blagaju.

Autocamp Holiday

Autocamp Holiday, mali porodični kamp, ​​nalazi se u prekrasnom prirodnom okruženju u blizini Blagaja. Posjedujemo preko 3.000 kvadratnih metara idealnog prostora za kampiranje.

Villa Velagić

Pansion Villa Velagić u vlasništvu obitelji. Otvoreno sezonski od 1. maja do 1. oktobra.

Villa Melograno

Vila Melograno smještena je u Mostaru, 11 km od Starog mosta i 40 km od vodopada Kravice, a nudi smještaj s besplatnim WiFi internetom, klima-uređajem,…

Gastronomic offer

Traditional products

- Stone carving
- Wood carving
-Production of natural glue
- Dry fig

Wild pomegranate juice- Eko Blagaj
Phone: +387 61 350 542

Domestic Products Blagaj
Norfish Blagaj d.o.o.
Address: Salakovac bb
Phone: +387 36 500 811
+387 61 198 274

Center for Tourism, Sports and Youth
Address: Blagaj bb
Phone: +387 61 040 030


Days of Eid - June, July
Dervish night – June, July
Festival of healthy food – April, May
Buna Film Festival – August
Mediterranean Fruit Day
( – May
For more information about events, please contact:

Center for Tourism, Sports and Youth
Address: Blagaj bb
Phone: +387 61 040 030


Hunting Association Lisac

contact phone: +387 63 760 460
Reservation needed

Outdoor Guide for Recreational and Cultural Tourism

Telefon: +387 63 817 696

Recommended tours/offers nearby

Museum of Bosnian Tradition – Immerse yourself in the abundant cultural legacy of Herzegovina at the Museum of Bosnian Tradition, where you may deeply connect with our rich past and evoke powerful emotions via exploration. As part of the offer, you are given the chance to select one of three immersive tours:

  • An visit to the museum followed by a sampling of Bosnian coffee.
  • The act of roasting coffee in a shish and sampling a traditional cake.
  • The process of preparing pies, figs, or hurmašica and participating in tastings.


Boat Tour, river Bunica – Experience a scenic boat tour of the spring of the river Bunica, an ideal excursion for families to enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of the stunning Herzegovinian gem, the river Bunica.

Canoeing on the River Buna or Bunica – Canoeing on the cold River Buna is a great recreation during hot summer days. A wonderful experience filled with adrenaline and good fun. Ideal for a day trip and a family outing.

Bike rental – Rent bikes, breathe fresh air and recharge your batteries. Cycling is a real hedonism for all those who love outdoor activities and enjoy the beautiful Herzegovinian landscapes.

Fruit harvest and ride a train in beautiful plantations – Experience the delight of fruit harvesting and go on a picturesque train journey through the stunning Herzegovinian plantations. In this excursion, the possibility of picking seasonal fruits and mini education about Herzegovinian varieties of fruits and vegetables, is offered and provided. Perfect for a family excursion with young children.

Cultural and historical tour of Blagaj – Embark on a cultural and historical tour of Blagaj to delve further into the renowned attractions of this place. Experience a guided tour of the Blagaj Tekke, where you will learn about the tekke’s construction, its function, the dervishes (Sufis), and historical legends. Immerse yourself in the serene and spiritually quiet oasis.