Martin Brod, City of Bihać

The numerous travertine barriers and waterfalls along the Una River are what make Martin Brod famous. Milanev buk, a waterfall with a height of 50 meters, is located on the most stunning and interesting section of the river Una. The Unac tributary enters the river Una at Martin Brod as well. There are a lot more pools, cascades, and waterfalls visible as well. Martin Brod has earned a reputation for building grain-grinding watermills on the Una River throughout history. Along with the mills, Martin Brod also owns several “bunica,” or vintage eco-machines. There used to be more of them, but there are now just few. The Rmanj Monastery is visible at the town’s entrance. It has a church and other buildings and was constructed in the fourteenth century. The enigmatic seal, which is the village’s actual name, is named after the charming and young Marta from the story of forbidden love. She died as a result of her bravery in the struggle for love, which defied all conventions, leaving behind a fascinating tale that continues to captivate people today.
Remains of the medieval town of Rmanj from the 14th century
Monastery with church and accompanying buildings 14th century
Milančev Buk (soon to be under UNESCO protection) Martin Brod Trail – Veliki Cvjetnić



Martina's trail
The legend of the girl Martha – The tale goes that long ago, a young and enchanting girl named Marta was deeply in love with an Austro-Hungarian soldier living on the other side of the river. Despite her parents’ opposition to this love, Marta decided one evening to visit him. While crossing the Una River, Marta slipped on a piece of tufa (limestone), fell into the water, and tragically lost her life. As a lasting tribute to this tragic love story, the village was later named Martin Brod.
Speleological aspects
Eco washing Machines “Bučnice”


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Mišo Knežević

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Hotel Una-c

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Gastronomic offer

Traditional village dish: Cheese in oil and cheese in brine


Traditional products

- Fruit growing and beekeeping
- Traditional gastronomy
- Knitting woolen clothes
- Evident wooden architecture – mills/watermills
- Eco washing Machines “Bučnice”
- Production of Beef Meat - Jovičić Goran (Phone: 387 61 942 529)



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Vožnja na lađi “Jezero”

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Key contact

Mišo Knežević