Ostrožac, City Cazin

Ostrožac, situated amidst the scenic splendor of a well-preserved castle and the river Una, provides a captivating ambiance reminiscent of a fairy tale. The town of Ostrožac is characterized by a complex of buildings that includes a medieval fort, an Ottoman fortress, a castle built during the Austro-Hungarian period by Lothar Von Berks, and a series of contemporary sculptures situated within the natural environment of the Old Town.

Ostrožac, a fort from the early Iron Age, a medieval fortress and a Turkish town. The fortress is located on a dominant elevation above the left bank of the Una River and the village of the same name, 12 km from Bihać. The fortress has an irregular circular shape with a capitol and a circular defense tower next to which there is a well. The first mention of the fortress is from 1286. The fortress was owned by the Babonić-Blagajski princes (Ostroški princes). It came under the rule of Antun Bakšić in 1552. It fell into the hands of the Ottomans in 1577. Since the 17th century, it has been the headquarters of the Ostroža Captaincy, which is the strongest in the Bosnian Krajina. Dizdars and captains were from Beširević. For more information, visit the link – https://www.ostrozac.com/ostrozac.html

National Monument Old Town Ostrožac

River Una

Mountain Gomil and hill Šilja



Castle of Lothar Von Berks



Key contacts

Ermin Beganović
Hasan Đuzelić

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Traditional products

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“Api komora” Đuzelić,
Phone: +387 61 353 671
Description: The 'api komora' is a used for inhaling air from beehives. It is one of the many alternative remedies.

For all other specialty products, contact key contacts for the village:
- Making items from metal (replicas of cannons and other items)
- Embroidery of traditional costumes
- Making wooden souvenirs
- Honey from Krajina


Hiking trail

From the Old Town of Ostrožac towards the canyon of the Una River

Rafting and Fishing on river Una

Recommended tours/offers nearby

– The old town of Ostrožac

– River Una (hiking trail)

– Mount Gomila (airport for paragliding, hiking trail)

Ključni kontakt

Ermin Beganović
Hasan Đuzelić