Guča Gora, Municipality of Travnik

Guča Gora village is situated on the inclines of Vlašić mountain, which was designated as a nature park by the Travnik municipal council in 2007. In close proximity to the village lies the renowned “Carine” pine forest, which serves as a popular destination for picnicking among the locals. The primary point of interest in Guča Gora village is the Franciscan monastery, which was constructed in the architectural style of the 19th century. The Franciscan monastery in question was frequently visited by Ivo Andrić, the Nobel Prize laureate.
Guča Gora Franciscan Monastery

The monastery in Guča Gora, upon its construction, held the distinction of being the largest construction in Bosnia. It served as the site of one of the earliest educational institutions in Bosnia and played a vital role in establishing the groundwork for contemporary librarianship in our nation. The enormity of it is overwhelming and detracts from its attractiveness.

(temporary list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 1859 (year of construction))

Gorica Cemetery

with remains of tombstones from the Middle Ages (temporary list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina)


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Tomislav Rajić

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Franciscan Museum

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Vacation house "Gloria"

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Gastronomic offer

At a distance of 15 minutes from the village of Guča Gora, there are several settlements with numerous restaurants, cafes, and hunting lodges. (Settlements: Nova Bila, Dolac, Putićevo, and the town of Travnik with numerous catering facilities).


Traditional products

Agricultural household "Gučogorka" - certified organic plant production, rakia, liqueurs, teas, dried fruits, traditional handicrafts, souvenirs
Address: Guča Gora 15A, Guča Gora 72277 Contact Ivica Rajić, phone: +387 63 159 304,

Bakery "Guča Gora", agricultural household

Pero Rajić - production of bread and pastries, domestic buckwheat, corn, barley and wheat flour. Product tasting possible with prior notice.
Address: Guča Gora bb, 72277
Contact: Pero Rajić, +387 30 560 659
Agricultural household Tadija Volić - production of cow's cheese
Address: Guča Gora bb,
Phone: +387 62 262 519

Franjo Grganović - honey
Address: Guča Gora bb,
Phone: +387 63 565 180

Ivica Grganović - production of pickled vegetables, liqueurs, juices
Address: Guča Gora bb
Telephone: +387 63 992 749

Association "Our Values" Guča Gora
Contact: President Tomislav Rajić,
Contact: +387 63 992 803

Ivana Pašalić - Homemade Meat Products
Address: Guča Gora bb
Phone: +387 63 637 455

Domestic eggs
Contact: +387 63 697 465



Description: mountain trail Guča Gora – Vlasic; One of the most important regional mountain transfers passes through the village: GREEN TRAIL VIA DINARICA
Contact : PD "Guča Gora", president Tomislav Rajić,
Phone number: +38763992803,
Contact : Luka Grganović , member of PD Guča Gora,
Phone number: +387 60 330 12 37

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Vlašić Mountain


Widely known as the “City of The Vizier”, Travnik is located on the Lasva River, surrounded by Mount Vlasic in the north and Mount Vilenica in the south. The city was the capital of Bosnia for 150 years, was the residence of 77 viziers and the seat of two consulates. Travnik is known for its rich history and beautiful nature that surrounds it.



  1. The old town of Travnik and the fortress “Stari Grad”
  2. Decorated mosque
  3. Ivo Andrić Memorial House
  4. Travnik Wrapper Museum
  5. Medieval tombstones tombstones and viziers tombs



  1. Mountaineering vlašić mountain and trekking
  2. Picking plants
  3. Babanovac skiing, sport and recreation


  1. Lutvina Kahva
  2. Ćevabdžinica Hari
  3. Konoba Plava Voda
  4. Kastel Na Hendeku
  5. Konak


Key contact

Tomislav Rajić