Prokoško Jezero, Municipality of Fojnica

A nomadic village cut off from the world for 6 months of the year – Lake Prokoško is unique in its natural beauty. On the slope of the glacial lake, shepherds still come with their flocks, collect forest fruits and plants, and carefully guard the lake’s endemic newt. The village is located at high altitudes of the Vranica mountain, with the nearest town 22 kilometers away – Fojnica. Due to its natural and ambient beauty, and its specific glacial formation, Lake Prokoško is often called the Eye of the Mountain. In 2005, the Prokoški Lake area was declared a natural monument. The tourist offer on Prokoško Lake is available in the second half of May to the end of October. Entrance fee is 10KM/per car, and 2KM per person.

Katun settlement of Prokoško Lake

Prokoško Lake is surrounded by rustic shepherd’s houses called katuns, constructed from materials like wood and logs. According to the literature, katuns are seasonal shelters used by shepherds during the summer months in mountainous areas. Katuns are simple and practical structures, typically constructed using readily available materials like as wood and stone. They are designed to provide enough protection from harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme cold in the region.

Endemic species – Rajzer's triton

The lake is characterized by an endemic species triton, a natural rarity from the order of recovered amphibians on the list of protected species since 1954. Endem was discovered in 1891 by otmar riser, an ornithologist at the National Museum in Sarajevo. Othmar Reiser was described by Franz Werner. Franz Werner in 1902. It differs from the typical species by a proportionally larger head. It reaches a length of up to 12 cm, feeds on aquatic insects and water snails.


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Bakir Vehabović

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Traditional products

1. Salesperson contact information
Homemade products EKO IVA – production of cheese and maglice (traditional pasta in Fojnica); tastings for organized groups
Address: Prokos, Fojnica 71270
Contact person: Ivanka Miličević
Phone: +387 62 464 003

2. Salesperson contact information
Admir Omerčević, production of goat cheese and meat
Address: Ragale, Fojnica 71270
Phone: +387 61 416 775

3. Salesperson contact information
Durić Samira
Collection of herbs, juices and jams
Phone: +387 61 455 931

4. Salesperson contact information
Salem Bureković
Sale of homemade honey and homemade juices
Turkovići bb, Fojnica,
Phone: +387 30 834 035

5. Salesperson contact information
Salčinović Salih
Sale of homemade honey
Telephone: +387 61 598 199

6. Salesperson contact information
Varka Šaban/Varka Azra
Sale of forest products: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, herbs, etc
Ragale bb, Fojnica
Phone: +387 60 313 2651



The entire area of Vranica and Lake Prokoško is marked with hiking markings and signposts.
It is possible to go hiking accompanied by a certified hiking guide.
Contact: MA "Vranica" Fojnica,
Association president Eduard Jukić,
phone: + 387 63 369 089

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For offers during the summer season contact the Tourist Board SBK/KSB +387 (0)30 511-588

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Key contact

Bakir Vehabović