Gornji Srebrenik, City of Srebrenik

Gornji Srebrenik is located in the heart of the Majevica mountain, a beautiful natural treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which takes your breath away with its extraordinary landscapes and natural beauty. This idyllic location is situated near one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nearly 700 years old. Along with an abundance of significant historical monuments, Gornji Srebrenik represents a precious cultural heritage and bears witness to past times.
The old town of Srebrenik
The fortress from the 11th century: Stari Grad represents an ancient fortress dating back to the 11th century. This imposing structure has a rich history and cultural heritage and is an important archaeological and cultural site. At the foot of this fortress, on February 15, 1333, the charter of Stjepan II Kotromanić was written, which is the first written record of Srebrenik.
Austro-Hungarian barracks built from stone
This old Austro-Hungarian barracks, built from stone, is a testament to the history and architecture of that time. It represents a cultural heritage and is a witness to past epochs.
Endemic Bosnian bellflower

The Bosnian bellflower (Pulsatilla srebrenikensis) is a rare endemic flower that grows only in certain areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including this region. This endemic plant holds special natural value and is protected to preserve its unique genetic diversity.

Šehitluci site

The Šehitluci site is an important location with ancient tombstones that have special cultural and historical significance. These tombstones bear witness to past times and events. The chestnut forest at the Šehitluci site is a natural monument and an important area for preserving natural diversity. This forest is home to various plant and animal species and may be of interest to ecologists and nature enthusiasts.

Old mosques

The old mosque and the Sheikh Sinan turbe are religious buildings with a rich history. They represent important cultural sites and often attract religious and cultural visitors. The old mosque in the settlement of Ćojluk (below the Castle), this old mosque in the settlement of Ćojluk holds cultural and religious heritage properties. It is an important part of the local history in the community.


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Traditional village dish: Rakija (fruit brandy) and cured meats

Traditional products

Typical products of the village Gornji Srebrenik include local goods and handicrafts that reflect the tradition and culture of the area. Hand weaving is a traditional skill used to create fabrics, carpets, and other textile products. Crafting wooden products, such as household items and tools, can also be an important traditional craft. Metal forging to create tools, knives, and other items. Beekeeping is also an important traditional activity for honey production and other bee products. Crafting wooden structures and building elements. Making Traditional Musical Instruments – There are several craftsmen who specialize in making traditional musical instruments. These instruments often hold special significance in the local music scene and add a unique sound and character to the music of this area.Izrada Tradicionalnih Muzičkih Instrumenata – Postoji nekoliko majstora koji se bave izradom tradicionalnih muzičkih instrumenata. Ovi instrumenti često imaju poseban značaj u lokalnoj muzičkoj sceni i dodaju jedinstveni zvuk i karakter glazbi ovog područja.


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-Marked cycling paths
-Marked hiking trails
-Hunting grounds

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