Vranci, Municipality of Kreševo

Located approximately twenty meters away from the Roman Bridge in Vranci, there exists a structure known as ta’te, also referred to as Turkish planks, or alternatively, a belfry. The aforementioned refers to a structural configuration consisting of a pair of beams, a roof, and two metallic plates, which serve the purpose of facilitating the ringing of a bell, albeit the absence of the latter. Specifically, the Ottoman Empire prohibited the use of bells in this region until their departure. In 1872, a belfry was constructed adjacent to the Kreševo monastery church. As a result, the residents constructed ta’ta, which function as a substitute for the church bell when they are sounded in rotation.
The Kreševo tradition of shoeing eggs. – There are various legends about the origins of this custom. According to one story, a poor young guy fell in love with a girl from a wealthy family, and the condition for proposing to her was that he shoe an egg, which seemed impossible. The young man fell in love and learnt to shoe an egg, and according to mythology, no young man could marry until he learned to shoe an egg.

Not far from the village of Vranci lies the best motocross trail in the region, located near Gajice. There are numerous motocross events staged here that are scored towards the BiH championships as well as the European Motocross Championships.

The seven houses in the village of Vranci are a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Roman bridge in the village of Vranci is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The nearby Old Town is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Oberska jama (cave)
Oberska cave, located above the picturesque village of Vranci, only two kilometers away from the center of Kreševo, is a fascinating natural attraction. On the left bank of the Kostajnica stream, the entrance to the cave is located at an altitude of 740 meters. Throughout history, from the Middle Ages until the 1960s, this cave was the site of exploitation of poultry ore and barite. Although more detailed research has not been done so far, the Kreševo Association “Kreševski citrin” has successfully revitalized and opened the Ober cave to the public. This cave is also a geomorphological monument of nature, an enchanting corner that attracts attention with its beauty and significance.
Veliki and Mali Oklop (caves)
Marked hiking trails


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Ivica Kesić

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Accommodation facilities

There are three accommodation facilities within a 15-minute drive:

Gastro ponuda

The mentioned accommodation facilities have restaurants.

Traditional products

– Blacksmithing

– Jewelry making


Dijana Medić, sales of goat’s milk and cheese; sale of domestic eggs

Painting bottles, making souvenirs

Vranci, phone: +387 63 706 726


Stjepan Biletić, Horseshoer of Eggs

Adress: Polje Kreševo bb, Kreševo

Phone: +387 63 860 313


Hiking on marked hiking trails

Eugen Jukić, president of the Mountaineering Society "Bitovnja"
contact: +387 63 898 720

Bike rental/clubs

Kreševo Mountain Bike Club
contact: +387 63 563 915

Fishing - Fly fishing

Kreševo Sports Fishermen's Association
contact: +387 63 176 879

Tetrijeb Hunting Association

contact: +387 63 993 453

Recommended tours/offers nearby

– Four tombstone Necropolises are located near the village of Vranci and are a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


– Museum of the Franciscan monastery Kreševo
The museum contains a very rich ethnographic, archaeological, mineral and numismatic collection
Marko Čalaga, museum curator (contact: +387 63 862 361)
Mail: info@samostan-kresevo.com
Web: https://muzej-kresevo.ba


– “Native Museum”, Venco Lukić, a small, private museum of old objects
Kojsina, Kreševo
Phone: +387 30 806 246

Key contact

Ivica Kesić