Ravno, Municipality of Ravno

The Municipality of Ravno is a location characterized by exceptional natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. It contains numerous remnants of past civilizations and their ways of life, providing valuable insights into the history of the region’s former inhabitants. The region of southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina exudes a sense of opulence, showcasing the richness and mystery of its historical imprint. The area’s proximity to the sea imbues it with the spirit of the Mediterranean. Ravno distinguishes itself from other regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina by showcasing a unique approach to utilizing natural resources. The local community has demonstrated a remarkable ability to harness the power of water penetrating the earth to operate technologically advanced mills for grinding grain. During the peak of the Trebišnjica’s high-water level, fish were captured using silk nets. Subsequently, when the Trebišnjica receded to its subterranean abodes, quick-fruiting vegetable varieties such as vetch and grain were cultivated in the same vicinity. Vjetrenica is the largest and most renowned cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It boasts the highest level of biodiversity among all caves worldwide and is considered the most noteworthy karst hydrogeological feature in the Ravno municipality. The municipality of Ravno is replete with archaeological sites spanning from prehistoric times to the present day. The extensive expanse of Popovo polje, coupled with the plethora of karstic trails, antiquated thoroughfares, and repurposed railway systems that now serve as cycling routes, present an array of appealing opportunities for tourism. The geographical remoteness and limited vehicular traffic in the area have helped to maintain the region’s authenticity, making it a worthwhile destination for exploration and discovery.
Church of St. Mitra in Ravno with old graves

Vjetrenica Cave in Zavala;

Hydrogeological phenomena in Kršu

St. Peter's Church in Zavala (archaeological site of the Church)

Popovo polje (Popovo field) and Trebišnjica riverbed
Ćiro bicycle path (Ćiro Trail)

Ancient Burial Mounds

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ravno


Key contact

Darijan Pehar

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Accommodation facilities

– Family Radić in Gaica – capacity for 4 people, distance 5 min. by car;

– Beba Pendo in Čvaljina, accommodation for 4 people, distance 5 min. by car from the center;

– Inn Zavala, distance 10 min. by car, accommodation for 16 people;

– Pensions of the Kriste family in Trebinje, 10 min. by car, accommodation for 30 people.

Gastronomic offer

The village’s traditional dish: Oil cured cheese and sack cheese


Traditional products

The mentioned trades were active throughout the past in the area of Ravno and they can be presented because there is material and non-material evidence and for some there are older people who know the craft technique.

- Stone processing (stone carving and stone construction)
- Basket-weaving craft (large transport baskets, regular baskets and ranch fences made of hemp)
- Production of fishing nets
- Mulberry silk cultivation and silk
production. - Miller's craft
- Carpentry
- Production of wool products
- Traditional leather shoe maker

- Honey –

Honey producers and sellers : Petar Sredanović; Đure Raguž; Nikola Kriste; Jure Škurla; Jerko Bender; Miso Oberan; Ivan Oberan; Vinko Đurasović; Jure Matijić; Miho Burić; Dragan Miletic; Dragan Ignjatić. (For more information about the direct contact and location of the seller, contact Darian Pehar, tour manager and guide).

- Peas -

Producers and sellers : Family Vuletić; OPG Precelj (Jerko Bender); Oberan family. (For more information about the direct contact and location of the seller, contact Darian Pehar, tour manager and guide).

- Meat and dairy products – Producers and sellers: Dubelj family; Brkan family; Winery Trn; Skaramuca Winery; Family farm Bio Popovo. (For more information about the direct contact and location of the seller, contact Darian Pehar, tour manager and guide). - Quality apples and apple juice Dragan Obradović. (For more information about the direct contact and location of the seller, contact Darian Pehar, tour manager and guide).


Hunting association Lisac

Contact phone: +387 63 760 460

Outdoor guide for recreational and cultural tourism

Contact phone: +387 63 817 696

Cycling routes

Contact phone: +387 63 817 696


- Blue Trail Biking Route Blue Trail biking route | Ravno Municipality (opcinaravno.ba)
-Ćiro cycling route Ćiro biking route | Ravno Municipality (opcinaravno.ba)
- Herzegovina bike Association https://www.herzegovinabike.ba/tour/cirinom-prugom-mostar-trebinje/

Recommended tours/offers nearby

Vjetrenica Cave

Web: https://www.vjetrenica.ba/hr/

Address: Zavala bb, Zavala

Phone: +387 36 891 034


Biospeleological Museum Vjetrenica

Address: Trg Ruđera Boškovića bb, Ravno

Phone: +387 36 891 034

Web: https://www.vjetrenica.ba/


Bicycle rental/clubs

Phone: +387 36 891 034

Key contact

Darijan Pehar