Krupa na Vrbasu, City of Banja Luka

This little paradise is recognizable for its natural beauty, including the Krupa River, which hosts rafting competitions, which is one of the most popular activities. This is precisely why the biggest attraction of this village are the vivid waterfalls and mills on the Krupa River. While the medieval town of Greben offers the best panoramic view.
Greben Fortress
St. Ilija Monastery
Church "log house"
Necropolises with tombstones
Waterfalls on the Krupa River
Canyon Tijesno
Strika cave


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Sreten Tesić

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Zmijanje embroidery Specific technique practiced by women in Zmijanje. This traditional embroidery is used to decorate women's clothing and household items, including wedding dresses, scarves, dresses and bedding, and is one of the most specific and characteristic embroideries from the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zmijanjski vez was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO), which represents the entry of the first cultural property from Bosnia and Herzegovina on this list.

Sale of flour and fritters at waterfalls
• Phone: +387 65 202 177 or +387 65 988 105

Processing and production of truffle products
• Tour guiding groups, searching and learning about truffles
• All-day package "Wolf Truffles" in Krupa na Vrbas
• Phone: +387 65 876 131



Association Sedra Banja Luka
Address : Krupa bb
contact phone: +387 65 561 344

Jošo bicikli
Address: Dr. Mladena Stojanovića 53
contact phone: +387 51 313 313


Tourist agency “Guideline”
Addresa : Karanovac bb
Contact phone : +387 66 714 169 Email:

Tourist agency and Rafting club "Extreme"
Address: Sime i Ilije Partala 4, Desna Novoselija
Contact phone +387 65 393 813, +387 65 765 547

Sport fishing

Fly Fishing Center LTG
Address: Gornji Ribnik, Šipovo
Contact phone: +387 66 800 155

Sport fishing Association „BANJA LUKA“
Address Trg srpskih junaka 1, Banja Luka 78000
Contact phone: +387 51 211 424

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Not far from Krupa on Vrbas, there is a Geological Formation – the so-called Stone Bridge, which is considered one of the most important natural heritage of the Banja Luka region. The stone bridge is known in folk tales as the Girl’s Bridge, because of the numerous legends that circulate and are associated with this geological formation. The Girl’s Bridge is famous for the legend of an unfortunate girl who jumped off it caused by unrequited love. Another reason why this geological formation has become known as a bridge is its physical appearance that resembles a bridge, because two rocks by force of nature merge and form a shape that resembles a bridge.


– Fortress Greben

– Church “Brvnara”

– Waterfalls of the Krupa River

– Geological formation – the so-called Stone Bridge

– Krupa Monastery

– St. Ilija Church – a church from the 12th century

– Nine mills

– Necropolis of tombstones

Key contacts

Sreten Tesić