Pecka, Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad

The Church of the Holy Prophet llija in Pecka is single-aisled with a five-sided apse. The current church was built by Bodo Simić, a merchant from the village of Čipuljići, not far from Bugojno. Above the church door there is an inscription stating that the church was built in 1858, and the bellfry was built later. On the walls of the church, a large number of windows are noticeable, which are decorated with carved rosettes and geometric ornaments. The interior of the church in the part of the nave and the altar are reinforced with columns with arched ends, while the floor is made of stone slabs. In the village of Pecka, there is the site “Gradina” as a remnant of a medieval fortification/watchtower above the village. The most significant object of folk architecture is the family house of Jela Đaković, which is assumed to have been built in the Ottoman period. It is well preserved but deserves more attention including the remains of dry walls, which are estimated to have been built in the village in a length of several tens of kilometers. All the meadows that were mowed or cultivated were surrounded by dry walls, which in some places have been perfectly preserved. The first canyon of the Sana River is also in the village of Pecka and up to it is reached through the hamlet of Tosić. The Misije viewpoint was marked this year and attracts a significant number of visitors.
Natural monument "Sana Spring"
The area of 320.69 ha is a protected area made up of three karst springs of the Sana River, the lower course of the Korana River and the Mračaj cave (450 meters long and 26 meters deep) was declared a natural monument under the protection of the entity Within the Nature Monument are the three main sources of the Sana River, then the Korana Canyon – a marked trail along the Korana River (a tributary of the Sana River), 3 km long, suitable for hiking and canyoning, and the Mračaj Estavella, a hydrological phenomenon near the source.
Estavela Mračaj

Estavela is a hydrological phenomenon that is reflected in the fact that the source is also an abyss depending on the inflow of groundwater.

Church of the Holy Prophet Ilija in Pecka
Temple of the Serbian Orthodox Church located in the village of Donja Pecka. It is believed to belong to the diocese of Bihaćko-Petrova, built on the site of a former monastery. It is believed that the temple was built on the foundations of a medieval church, because according to the Turkish defter from 1517, there was a monastery in Pecka where a monk is mentioned. Turkish records record that in the middle of the 16th century the monastery was headed by monk Max and priest Jovan. In folklore and poetry there is a memory of the medieval Orthodox church in Pecka.
Rock climbing site Pecka

Very attractive and one of the oldest climbing sites where the first climbing festival in BiH was held. About 140 climbing routes are drilled, and that’s not even 20% of the potential it has.


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Boro Marić

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Accommodation facilities

Outdoor Resort Pecka (renting holiday houses Gornja Pecka)

Price level: $$ (average market value)

Gastronomic offer


Traditional products

Several households nurture old crafts, so in the village of Pecka there is one blacksmith and one carpenter, several craftsmen for natural material construction, and almost all women knit woolen socks and other clothing items made of raw wool and its byproducts.
Craft beer, homemade juices and homemade brandy are available throughout the year, and there are natural soaps, honey, souvenirs of local carpenters, etc.

Name and surname / brand name: Varcar beer
Address: Mrkonjić Grad
Mail address:
Contact phone: +387 66 646 829

Name and surname / brand name: Topić juice
Address: Šipovo
Mail address:
Contact phone: +387 65 441 498
Website / other social networks:

Željko Simić, beekeeper, Pecka
Honey supply depending on the quality of pollination, but there is a mostly constant supply
Contact: +387 65 593 374

Dule Tošić, rakia producer, Donja Pecka
He has a continuous offer, but he does not live in the village all year round, so it is necessary to check availability.
Contact: +387 65 900 305

Dušan Palalić, producer of rakia, Donja Pecka
A continuous offer, but Dušan does not live in the village all year round, so it is necessary to check availability.
Contact: +387 65 324 561

Nataša Džebić, housewife from the village of Gornja Pecka.
She prepares traditional dishes such as different types of pies, fritters, sweet dishes, cakes. Available with prior notice throughout the year.
Contact: +387 66 254 065

Stana Janjić, a housewife from the village of Ubovića Brdo, near the Pecka climbing area.
On order, he prepares excellent sour milk, cheese, etc. for climbers as well as visitors to the Center.
Contact: +387 66 364 096

Jovo Simić, carpenter He makes a large number of souvenirs and objects from wood
Contact: +387 65 547 713


Electrical bike

Name of the institution / name of the person offering the activity: Outdoor resort Pecka
Type of offer (e.g. one-day, half-day...): One-day but can also be multi-day
Contact phone :065 619 508
Price: 140 KM per day
- Bicycle rental/clubs
Cycling Club Summit Banja Luka
Contact: Nikola Sokolović, +387 65 916 503
Guide to mountain biking
Tihomir Dakić : +387 65 080 727
Dragan Kabić: +387 64 455 09 03

Foraging of Wild Mushrooms School

Collecting mushrooms and medicinal plants Contact: Radoslav Gašić, + 387 65 338 838

Sport climbing

Climbing club Extreme Banja Luka
Contact: Igor Vukić , +387 65 779 027

Bird watching

Ornithological Society "Our birds"
Contact: Goran Topić, phone: +387 65 441 498

Hiking – canyoning

Mountaineering Association Abonis, Banja Luka
Contact: Aleksandar Balaban, phone: +387 65 333 700

Culinary workshop - Association Greenways (pie making)

Type of offer (e.g. one-day, half-day...): Half-day
Contact phone: 065 619 508
Mail adresa: office@
Price: 30 KM
Availability: Throughout the year

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