Vranduk, City Zenica

The village of Vranduk is located on the left bank of the Bosna River, adjacent to the remains of the ancient town. Historical records indicate that the Vranduk Fortress functioned as a protector of the entry to central Bosnia, as it is situated at the highest point of a steep and impassable ravine. At the same time, the Fortress stands as the focal point, enhancing the beauty of this enchanting community.
Vranduk Fortress
Vranduk Fortress is a medieval fortress, and a Bosnian and Herzegovina national monument. The fortress has a rich, well-crafted scenery and other facilities (medieval market village, blacksmith shop, workshop facilities, medieval games)
Sultan Mehmed Fatih Mosque

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Mosque is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s oldest mosques, and its uniqueness stems from the fact that, due to space constraints within the Vranduk fortress, it is positioned just outside the fortress’s walls.

Traditional Bosnian house
The traditional Bosnian house in Vranduk is part of the Zenica City Museum’s permanent exhibition, which includes ethnological exhibits across several floors of the house.
Watermills hanovi
There are many functioning watermills on the Vrandučka River that date back more than 200 years.


Key contacts

Vedrana Mioč
Hasan Šehić

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Accommodation facilities

There are no accommodation facilities within the village. The nearest is the Almy Motel, which is located a few kilometers from Vranduk. The rest of the listed hotels are located in Zenica.

Motel Almy

Price level of the facility: $$ (average market value)

Hotel Fontana

Price level of the facility: $$ (average market value)

Hotel Dubrovnik

Price level of accommodation: $$$ (more luxurious accommodation)

Hotel Zenica

Price level of accommodation: $$$ (more luxurious accommodation)

Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel

Price level of accommodation: $$$ (more luxurious accommodation)

City Code Hotel

Price level of accommodation: $$$ (more luxurious accommodation)

Gastronomic offer

Traditional village dish: BOSNIAN HURMAŠICE WITH PEKMEZ

Local Households:

Bosnian traditional cuisine in Vranduk

Arrival by prior arrangement.
Contact: Hedija Šehić, +387 62 952 651

Eco Farm in Vranduk

Sadam Ibrahimagić,
Contact: 060 30 60 018


Barbecue and restaurant Salčinović

Restaurant Oliv

Pond restaurant Bašća u Vranduku, Jasmin Ibrahimagić

Traditional products

Handicrafts made in the traditional style, jam, souvenirs made of wood, stone, and metal, pies, goat cheese, and milk are some of the traditional products that can be purchased from the Vranduk village. Regardless of the time of year, products are usually always available for purchase. An announcement should be made prior to the arrival of guests.

Name and surname / brand name: Hedija Šehić
Address: Vranduk bb
Contact phone: +387 62 952 651

Name and surname/ brand name: Sadam Ibrahimagić
Contact phone: +387 60 30 60 018


Outdoor activities - soft adventure

Afan Abazović
Contact phone: 387 62 107 719
Reservation needed

Tour through nature and rural life

Hasan Šehić
Contact phone: +387 62 273 782
Reservation neeeded

Creative activity

Name of the institution / name of the person offering the activity: Zenica City Museum
Contact phone : +387 32 209 515
Reservation needed

Recommended tours/offers nearby

Tour of the Vranduk Fortress – The tour encompasses the exploration of the Vranduk fortress, including the archaeological and historical settings located on two floors of a magnificent larger tower. Additionally, visitors can experience the medieval ambiance of a smaller tower dedicated to cuisine. A documentary video showcasing Vranduk is accessible on various TV devices, while a publication in pdf format on Vranduk can be accessed on tablet devices. Additionally, a concert including medieval music in mp4 format is also available on tablet devices. These multimedia offerings are part of a standard visit and tour of the fortress. One can also explore the wall that runs beside the citadel of the fortress/loophole. The total duration of this tour,including viewing, reading, and discussions, is around one hour within the fortress or citadel.

Shooting a bow and arrow in the citadel of the fortress, throwing horseshoes on a stake, pulling a rope, sagging competition in the citadel (these are also standard-available activities that are tailored for individual, team or group tours). Depending on the interest, it can last as long as the participants are interested in it.

Fotosafari – Above Vranduk, there are two exquisite vantage points located approximately 30-60 minutes away from the the fortress. These viewpoints offer the opportunity to capture the most stunning photographs of the fortress. Due to their elevated position relative to the fortress and the Old Town of Vranduk, they offer an ideal vantage point for photography. Thus far, we have gained extensive familiarity with photographic institutions in order to coordinate departures and conduct photo safaris in these locations. It is feasible to coordinate with the local photographic expert, Dijana Muminović, to plan the desired event.

A tour of Hanovo/watermills on the local river– There is an opportunity to take a tour of the Hanovo watermills located near the Vranduk Fortress. These watermills, which were formerly a site of lodging during the Ottoman time, are still in operation today. They can be reached by a 15-minute walk. Residents in the local community utilize local watermills, which can be visited by arrangement, to observe the process of milling grain and producing flour.

Art colony – so far a full day art colonies with local artist prof. Muhammad Begic were organized several times mostly by request. It is possible to organize an all-day or even multi-day art colony.

The culinary atmosphere during the Middle Ages – A gathering organized to meticulously make and taste medieval cuisine, which will be recreated using gastronomic replicas. These dishes may consist of roasted pumpkin, simmering pumpkin in apple jam, and a kettle boiled over an open flame, among other options. Can be organized based on a particular inquiry.

Experience an overnight stay in a traditional Bosnian house located at the base of Fortress Vranduk, or choose to spend the night in tents within the fortress citadel. The museum offers a traditional Bosnian house in the nearby village, just a 5-minute walk from Fortress Vranduk. It has a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 15 individuals per night. Museum also arranged accommodations with locally prepared meals, making it feasible to coordinate. In addition, Museum can arrange for overnight accommodations in tents located within the citadel, with the assistance of a local scout from Zenica. However, it is important to note that the museum does not provide tents or the required camping gear. Therefore, participants who wish to engage in this type of overnight stay must either bring their own camping equipment or make arrangements to obtain it through the project.


Creative workshops – it is possible to organize the most diverse types of educational and creative workshops from painting textiles, making key chains, making fridge magnets in the form of replicas of King Stjuepan’s coin from the XV century and the like.


All tours are organized and overseen by the Zenica City Museum.

For any further inquiries, pricing information, and reservation procedures, please contact the museum directly.

You may reach them by phone at +387 32 209 515 or by email at zemuzej@bih.net.ba.

Key contacts

Vedrana Mioč
Hasan Šehić