Discover the magic of the most beautiful villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Delights with its idyllic atmosphere, traditional architecture, and hospitable inhabitants.


An invitation to journey back in time, a hidden hamlet of skilled blacksmiths and craftsmen with a wealth of precious ores and minerals.


A mysterious village watched over by the legendary dragon from folklore tales


Home to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s wild horses and the kingdom of their freedom


The perfect, sun-drenched beauty of the Herzegovina and Adriatic hinterland.

Prokoško Jezero

A unique ambient beauty on the slope of a glacial lake


The embodiment of the untouched nature we dream of.


Fairytale and ancient fortresses from medieval Bosnia and the Ottoman period

Mijakovići – Dragovići – Bobovac 

The famous ancient royal residence located in the heart of the Vareš Mountains.

Martin brod

Home to magical waterfalls on the riverbed of the Una River


A hidden gem of the high mountains

Krupa na Vrbasu

A fairytale depiction of a small paradise on the Krupa River

Kraljeva Sutjeska

A fairytale village adorned with a specific architecture typical of central Bosnia.

Guča Gora

An ideal destination for hiking, cycling, and relaxation in nature.

Gornji Srebrenik

This idyllic village holds a rich cultural heritage and centuries-old history


A hidden gem of the East Herzegovina region.


An oasis of peace and natural harmony, located on three rivers.