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Municipality of Vareš

The famous ancient royal residence situated in the very heart of the mountains of Vareš



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The village is 20 km away from Vareš. Over 14 km of this segment are paved, while 5.7 km are made of macadam. From the direction of Kakanj (near section from the direction of Sarajevo or from the highway A-1, the distance is approximately 19 km, and from the village to the highway No. 1 is 17 km), one more route to go to the hamlet by automobile, is at a distance of around 19 km. It is a regional road with a total length of 15 km, and the final 4 km to the settlement are made of macadam.

Royal Town of Bobovac

In close proximity to the village is the Royal Town of Bobovac

Two memorials, 1941–1945

Two memorials, 1941–1945

A naturally protected area

A naturally protected area according to the FC certificate in terms of cultivation management and management (zone includes the throne town of Bobovac)

A pedestrian trail

A pedestrian trail through the village from the Royal Town of Bobovac through Mijakovske Poljica towards the mountain lodge "Javorje" on Perun and the section "Star Trek," which passes through the settlements that are approximately 80 kilometers long in the area of the municipality of Vareš.

Medieval caves, so-called ladders as speleological objects

in the canyon of the river Bukovica at the foot of the southern gate of the Bobovac fortress as an observation post for the arrival of unwelcome guests from the southern side of the fortress.

River Bukovica as a subterranean river

River Bukovica as a subterranean river

The old wooden mill of the family "Ibrišimović" autochtron building that is over 180 years old in function.

The old wooden mill of the family "Ibrišimović" autochtron building that is over 180 years old in function.


Fishpond / Fish Restaurant with accommodation facilities “Mrestilište”

Total number of available accommodation rentals: 5 units
Total number of beds available: 25
Address: Pogar - Mrestilište
Phone: +387 61 853 333
E-mail: merima_adanalic@hotmail.com

Agro household "Ibrišimović"

Address: Mijakovici, Vareš 71330
Phone: +387 62 259 188
Web: https://agro domacinstvo-ibrisimovic.business.site

Apartment Fahrudin i Hajra Ibrišimović

Address: Mijakovići bb, Vareš
Phone: +387 61 788 940

Rooms Avdo Numanović

Address: Mijakovići bb
Phone: +387 61 450 250

Naza Ajanović’s Household

Address: Dragovići bb
Phone: +387 61 762 875

Household of Hadija and Smaja Numanović

Address: Mijakovići bb, Vareš
Phone: +387 62 720 182


Contact for all catering facilities in the village Mijakovići-Dragovići-Bobovac: Phone: +387 62 259 188

Summer vacation house on Bobovec 

Agricultural and Rural Households

Recreational area Luke with Hunting Lodge 

Fishpond / Fish Restaurant “Mrestilište”

Traditional Crafts
And Handcrafts


Main Tourism

Main Tourism Products (Activities)

Other Treasures

  • The region of Nevesinje, including Bratač, is characterized by an altitude exceeding 900 meters and a mountainous climate featuring brief summers and prolonged winters.
  • As a result of these conditions, the area has developed and maintained a distinctive culinary selection throughout its history. Throughout history, the village has been recognized as a region specializing in cattle ranching.
  • As a result, dairy and meat-based products remain the primary sources of nutrition within the community. The Nevesinje potato is a well-known plant species, and the cultivated grains in the area include wheat, rye, barley, and oats. Nevesinje is renowned for its distinctive products, which are representative of the Bratač region.
  • These products have been included in the Ark of Taste, a global registry of unique products that are at risk of extinction. The Ark of Taste is overseen by Slow Food International, an international organization dedicated to preserving traditional foods and promoting sustainable agriculture. The items on their list comprise of cheese and kaymak sourced from a sack, tallow, butter, dried boneless sheep meat, and sheep breeds such as podrobac and pramenka.
  • The intangible cultural heritage of Bratač village includes significant representations such as Ganga songs, folk toasts, and fiddle songs.


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