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Guča Gora

Municipality of Travnik

An ideal destination for hiking, cycling and relaxation in nature



Cafe/Bar/ Restaurant

Traditional Crafts And Handcrafts


Main Tourism Products

Other Treasures


Guča Gora Franciscan Monastery

temporary list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 1859 (year of construction)

Gorica Cemetery

with remains of tombstones from the Middle Ages (temporary list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Two tombstone Necropolises from the Middle Ages

Two tombstone Necropolises from the Middle Ages


Total number of available accommodations in the village: 7
Total number of beds available for guests in the village: 200

Franciscan Museum

Address / GPS: 6PVH+939, Guča Gora 72277
Phone: +387 30 560 274
Web: FB (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100068045292165)
E-mail: guca.gora@yahoo.com
Description: It has 12 apartments that can easily be used to provide accommodation services for tourists

Vacation house "Gloria"

Address / GPS: 6PVP+24 Guča Gora (R413a)
Phone: +387 63 335 580
Web: https://planetofhotels.com/hr/bosna-i-hercegovina/travnik/kuca-za-odmor-gloria
(planetofhotels.com) E-mail: leo.lujanovic1996@gmail.com

Motel Dani (***)

Address / GPS: 5PRQ+62C, Nova Bila 72276
Phone: + 387 61 696 655
Web: https://dani.xtadia.com
E-mail: dani@dani.ba
Description: Motel "Dani" has 10 modern rooms and apartments. All rooms have their own bathroom, toilet, telephone, TV and free wireless internet, mini bar, air conditioning. It has its own parking space, a summer garden, a children's playroom located near a kindergarten. Inside the restaurant there is also a restaurant and a bar for guests and visitors.

Motel Calypso (***)

Address / GPS: 5PWJ+J97, Nova Bila bb, Travnik 72276
Phone: +387 30 707 131
Web: https://calypso.xtadia.com
E-mail: motelcalypso2000@gmail.com
Description: 18 available beds. A parking lot is provided for car owners. Restaurant within the motel. Internet access is available via Wi-Fi. A shuttle service may be available for a surcharge. For formal meetings, there is a banquet hall and a conference room. Spacious family rooms are perfect for holidays with children. Food and beverage delivery to the room is available.

Hostel Tron (***)

Address / GPS: Donje Putićevo bb, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 61 154 399
Web: https://www.booking.com/Share-1T7Wey (booking.com)
Description: It has 52 beds. Hostel Tron has a bar, a garden and free WiFi. The hostel has an outdoor pool, a nightclub and a 24-hour reception. At this hostel, all rooms include a wardrobe, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, bed linen and towels. Some have a kitchen with a fridge and stovetop. The rooms in the Tron hostel also have a seating area.

Motel Bajra (***)

Address / GPS: 6M9V+95R, Dolac na Lašvi 72270
Phone: +387 30 516 110
Web: https://planetofhotels.com/sr/bosna-i-hercegovina/travnik/motel-bajra (planet ofhotels)
E-mail: bajra@bih.net.ba
Description: Available capacity of 35 beds. Private parking for motel guests. Breakfast delivery to the room is available. The motel restaurant offers guests delicious and varied food. Motel guests have access to Wi-Fi. The reception is open 24 hours a day.

Hotel Vezir Palace (****)

Address / GPS: Varoš bb, Travnik 72270
Phone: +387 61 977 951
Web: https://hotelvezir.ba
E-mail: management@hotelvezir.ba
Description: Inside the hotel there is also a large restaurant, with modern and delicious dishes from Bosnian, Turkish and continental cuisine, as well as a wellness center. Each room has luxurious and comfortable beds, jacuzzi tubs, room service, cable TV, wi-fi and many other amenities. Hotel capacity – 60 beds.

Motel Aba (***)

Address / GPS: 6MHC+7RP, Šumeće, Travnik 72270
Phone: +387 30 511 462
Web: https://motelaba.xtadia.com
E-mail: motel@aba.ba
Description: Within the facility guests have a 24-hour reception, free WiFi and free parking in the garage. All rooms include cable TV, a wardrobe and a bathroom with a bath or shower. The capacity of the motel includes 35 beds for guests.

Hotel IUT (***)

Address / GPS: Aleja Konzula bb, Travnik 72270
Phone: +387 (0) 30 509 300 ; +387 61 693 022
Web: https://hotelbosnia.top
E-mail: iuthotel@gmail.com
Description: The hotel has a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and garden. Each accommodation has a view of the garden, and guests can enjoy access to the terrace. The accommodation offers a 24-hour reception, transfer from/to the airport, room service and free Wi-Fi in the entire facility. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV with satellite channels, mini-bar, kettle, shower, hair dryer and desk. The rooms have their own bathroom, free toilet and bed linen (capacity: 40 beds).


In the village of Guča Gora


  • Two coffee bars – 50 seats (Caffe “GUČA GORA”; Address: Guča Gora bb, Travnik; Phone: +387 30 560 029)
  • Two beverage tasting rooms inside the farmsteads – 10/15 seats
  • Mountain lodge “Košare” – 30 seats


15 minutes away –


  • At a distance of 15 minutes from the village of Guča Gora, there are several settlements with numerous restaurants, cafes, and hunting lodges. (Settlements: Nova Bila, Dolac, Putićevo, and the town of Travnik with numerous catering facilities).


Some of these catering facilities are listed below:


  • My Place Café Travnik (Address: Bosanska 33, Travnik 72270, Phone: +387 62 557 333)
  • Cafe “Oaza” (Address: 6MG8+62M, Lukačka, Travnik, Phone: +387 60 31 83 337)
  • Tavern “Plava Voda” (Address: Šumeće 6, Travnik 72270, Phone: +387 61 798 040)
  • Ćevabdžinica Hari (Address: Donja čaršija bb, Travnik 72270; Phone: +387 30 511 727)
  • Caffe Bar “Gaj-INN” Travnik (Address: Gaj 18, Travnik 72270; Phone: +387 62 130 356)
  • Caffe Nova Bila (Address: 5PQP+WWF, Nova Bila)
  • Restaurant M-Libertas Nova Bila (Address: M5, Nova Bila 72276; Phone: +387 30 707 349)
  • Restaurant Actros (Address: E661, Nova Bila 72276; Phone: +387 66 029 818)



Traditional Crafts
And Handcrafts


Main Tourism

Agricultural household "Gučogorka"

certified organic plant production, rakia, liqueurs, teas, dried fruits, traditional handicrafts, souvenirs Address: Guča Gora 15A, Guča Gora 72277 Contact Ivica Rajić, phone: +387 63 159 304, Web: www.opg-gucogorka.webnode.com Mail: opg.gucogorka@gmail.com

Bakery "Guča Gora",

agricultural household Pero Rajić - production of bread and pastries, domestic buckwheat, corn, barley and wheat flour. Product tasting possible with prior notice. Address: Guča Gora bb, 72277 Contact: Pero Rajić, +387 30 560 659

Main tourism products (activities)

Other Treasures

  • The earliest known reference to Guča Gora dates back to the year 1425, as documented in the charter of the Croatian-Hungarian monarch, Sigismund (1368-1437).

  • The charter bestowed certain properties in the Požega region of Slavonia upon Vuk Družić, a nobleman of Guča Gora, in recognition of his unwavering loyalty to the king and his long-standing representation and defense of royal interests. The charter was discovered towards the conclusion of the 19th century by Radoslav Lopašić, a Croatian lawyer and archivist. Following his passing, the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb assumed responsibility for the assortment of manuscripts and transcripts. In 1909, Lajos Thalloczy, a Hungarian historian, was the first to publicly publish the contents of the Latin-written charter, thereby making it accessible to the wider audience.

  • Lopašić’s legacy comprises a charter certificate and a set of documents dating back to 1425/1426, wherein Vuk Druzić from Guča Gora is referenced multiple times. These documents substantiate his migration with his family and subsequent acquisition of the property under the management of the Požega Chapter. The chapter duly notified the royal court of the takeover, which was eventually validated by the court. Of particular interest in these documents is the consistent spelling of the name Guče Gora, which has remained virtually unchanged to this day, consistently utilizing the initial letter “G”. For further information regarding the village of Guča Gora, please refer to the following link: http://www.gucagora.ba.


Guča Gora
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Guča Gora
Guča Gora


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